Hannie MommersWhenever your moment of need makes you step up in your personal growth, it becomes a Magical Moment of Need.
We all need these moments. We all have them. Learn to recognize and value them.

This website is about my development as a person and as a business woman. Growing is a continuous process and by sharing my thoughts I want to make a positive contribution to the lives of others.
I hope my stories inspire you and motivate you.
A great way to work on personal growth is being creative. So I have also added several DIY articles and blogposts about art.

It’s never too late to be happy and we are never too old to learn.


10 tips to get enough exercise without visiting the gym

“The doctor told me I needed to exercise. One of the best ways to overcome my depression. He also told me that I had to mingle with people. But with my little pension I could neither afford the gym nor pay for the community activities. Through the employment agency I got a part-time job at […]

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Irregularly I make drawings, collages or mixed media in some kind of theme. It helps me keeping my creative skills flowing. Here are a couple of examples: What do you do to keep yourself creative?

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muay thai professional fight

A Muay Thai fight from a newbie’s point of view

Together with my son I have a joint venture, Muay Thai Pro. Our objective is to create a Spanish community of Muay Thai lovers and practitioners, because my son practices this sport and he lives in Spain. Until now my part was to deliver the marketing-ideas and the technique of website, Facebook page and YouTube-channel. […]

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your health

Graded activity to be able to walk again

I am injured. Again. It’s possible that I should slow down and ‘act my age’, but I don’t want to. Which might be the main reason why I am injured again. Last weekend I have attended a marvelous business seminar. It was one of those seminars that involve a lot of music to energize you, […]

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spanning paper

DIY framing in Photoshop

Make your own remarkable frame There are tons of free frames available on the Internet. They’re fun to use. But wouldn’t it be great to make your own frame? If you have a photo program that works with layers, it’s not that hard. I have made the frame in the accompanying picture with a bristle […]

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What not to do when you want to lose weight

My mother was dieting all her life. She also had about 20 to 30 pounds of overweight her whole life. The conclusion might be, that dieting does not help. But what can I say, she just loved chocolate. And was easily persuaded to do something else than what she had planned for. Stick to your […]

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