10 tips to get enough exercise without visiting the gym

exercise without the gym“The doctor told me I needed to exercise. One of the best ways to overcome my depression. He also told me that I had to mingle with people.
But with my little pension I could neither afford the gym nor pay for the community activities. Through the employment agency I got a part-time job at the blue and yellow furniture giant. I am slepping boxes and stuff around in the warehouse. It is my paid work-out and I also have some great colleagues to get a coffee with.”

The man looked at me vividly as he told me this story. Especially the phrase “It’s my paid work-out” made a deep impression on me. It suddenly dawned on me; you do not always have to go to the gym to do a proper workout.

At my physiotherapist’s wall
“People who think They do not have the time to exercise must sooner or later make time to be ill” (The Conduct Of Life, Edward Stanley, 1826-1893)

“I don’t have the time”

Whenever I tell people that I hike at least half an hour a day the respond is they really do not have the time for that themselves.

That got me thinking. After all I do have at least half an hour for that each day 😉
And I concluded that there are an awful lot of ways to train your body.

The gym is still great to visit, but if you have enough movement in different ways, you do not have to feel guilty if you occasionally skip it!

Before 29 your body takes care of you.
After 29 you need to take care of your body.

What shall we call it; sneaky-fitness?

escalator1. Take the stairs instead of the elevator
If there is just an escalator, then even walk on the escalator.

2. Walk every day
Do you live far away from your work so you have to take the car, then don’t park right in front of the office, but further away so you have to walk a couple of blocks.
Or get off the bus or the subway one stop too early if you use public transportation.
A while ago I set a goal to walk 10 minutes each day. Usually I end up walking longer, but the fact that I’ve set an achievable goal ensures that I reach it.

3. Play along with your kids
Once a top athlete got assigned to do exactly the same as children did for a full day. He gave up before midday! 🙂

4. Get phone at work? Stand up
Or if you do not bother your colleagues with it, walk around while you talk on the phone.
If you have an adjustable desk, you can even stand up doing your computer work.

5. Store every single item once you don’t need it anymore
Do not wait until a large collection is waiting on the stairs, but pick up each object separately. With the added advantage that your house is always tidy!

6. Play with your kids
This is something different from tip 3. Look at this video to know what I mean.

7. Watch TV actively
Place an exercise bike right in front of your TV or make steps on the spot. And put the remote control farther away so you have to get up at times.

stretching for the cupboards8. Don’t hate housekeeping anymore
Mopping, vacuuming, ironing, making the beds and all the other chores are the best sneaky-fitness that you can imagine. And yes, dear gents, that goes for you too.

9. Kissie, kissie
Kisses and sex burn a lot of calories!

10. High – Low
Put stuff just a little too high in the closet so you have to stretch when you need it. Or put them in the lower cupboards and try getting up from your squat without using your hands. Please be careful that your movement is safe, so do not twist your body while you also move up or downwards.

What’s your favorite exercise that is not an exercise?

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