An American Business Bootcamp in Holland

Things can change, also for the good

smile2Some years are more difficult then others. 2011 was far from perfect for me, but opened an opportunity that I did not immediately recognize.

My friend Klaartje tried to encourage me to go to a Business Bootcamp. I had heard about this event on Twitter and I didn’t want to consider going at all. It sounded too American to me, yikes! No offense, American friends, I know now it was a big prejudice of me.

While my friend was getting more and more excited with all the things she learned, I stumbled on. At some point I realized having an open mind is better than being prejudiced and in January 2012 I went to the seminar.

Within half an hour the participating by show of hands and responding to questions like “Who does not like this?” and “Who thinks this is way too American?” caught me. And I had to laugh at the explanation that this way of working is not American at all, but was developed by a Bulgarian professor.

Seminars in Business, Personal and Financial development

financial iqEver since that first seminar, I attended a lot of other ones and I can honestly say that my live is way different now than it was in 2011.

That first seminar I was not very focused. I kept myself as busy with making Hipstamatic pictures, as with the training and networking.
Focusing has been difficult for me for a long time – many things are fun and interesting. But I’ve learned so much these past years that I really regret I did not let myself be persuaded sooner.

I changed some of my habits and I certainly changed my way of experiencing things.
Hubby and some friends look at me with amazement, because “you were always so down to earth”.

The first year of the turnaround was tough, because my income hardly increased. But I kept on going the way I was taught and in the first half of 2013 I earned three times as much as in the whole of 2012.

What will you learn?

intentionThis seminar hardly cost money, just your time, because it’s an introduction to the other seminars of Nisandeh Neta.
It’s two days packed with information about how you can do better in business. Involving social media, blogging, planning and networking. But there is also some focus on personal development.

One of the things I do differently nowadays then I did before, or actually two things, is starting the day with an intention and closing the day with gratitude.

How can I suggest a Dutch seminar to a global public?

business bootcamp january 2012
Klaartje on stage

Despite the seminar being in Holland I can highly recommend it. The language is English. Nisandeh Neta, who is giving the seminar, is Israeli. He learned a lot himself in the States, amongst others from Dave Vanhoose and Dustin Mathews, of whom I have learned too as you can read here. (
Last time I went to the Business Bootcamp (I have attended three times – can’t get enough of it), there were participants from Belgium, Germany, Spain, even Mexico and several other countries.

If you are doing the same things the same way over and over, why would the outcome be different? –Albert Einstein

To sum things up, here are a few of my tips:

  • Start the day with an intention
  • Set at least one goal you want to accomplish that day
  • Do your utmost best to reach that goal and don’t beat yourself up if something comes in between
  • Skip the word ‘but’ from your vocabulary
  • Skip the word ‘problem’ from your vocabulary
  • Acknowledge your successes
  • Celebrate
  • Show gratitude

My own list is longer, but I don’t want to discourage you. I took it one step at a time and added things to do when I was up to it. For me that works great. It doesn’t overwhelm me and eventually I get where I want to be.

Do you visit seminars? Tell me what kind, I am really interested to know.

In business

I have thought for a very long time that ‘selling’ and ‘marketing’ didn’t go along with me because I am a creative. People like Robert Cialdini and Tony Robbins have taught me that being persuasive can be done with integrity and is part of everyday life.

This is a great book to start with. It’s easy and written in a very accessible way.

It’s like a trinity: if you feel good, your business thrives. If your business thrives, your finances are well. If your finances are well, you feel good. And you can put these three parts in any order, it’s always right.

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