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cabana in spain

Making money on your holidays

Writing for the internet while traveling Since 2008 I am a blogger but I never thought of making money from blogging or writing. That changed when I was looking for ways to earn an additional income. Last year I heard the term ‘passive income’ for the first time. Those two things – additional money and […]

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Present your words

A presentation or speaking to groups of people can be a real challenge Before I was a graphic designer, I was a teacher at a high school in art, drawing and handicraft. In both my teaching and my business I had to address groups. So I am used to speak in public. Most of the […]

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be happy

An American Business Bootcamp in Holland

Things can change, also for the good Some years are more difficult then others. 2011 was far from perfect for me, but opened an opportunity that I did not immediately recognize. My friend Klaartje tried to encourage me to go to a Business Bootcamp. I had heard about this event on Twitter and I didn’t […]

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