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25 tips for your spare time

Lately I had been working so hard that I totally forgot what to do when I had time off. So these tips are a reminder of all the great things to do to relax. Once I started the list (the plan was to make a list of 10 tips) it was pretty easy to come […]

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everything is a present

Gracious grateful

Last year I saw the interview of Tony Robbins with Alice Herz-Sommer. She was 108 years at the time and still practicing her piano three hours a day. A holocaust survivor, who says the main reason for being able to survive was seeing the beauty in everything. What an amazing woman, what an inspiring story. […]

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Write your own book

In 2013 I spent a lot of time on my book. With the main focus on design I wrote a book about business cards. The subject of the book is the field of my profession, but the whole process I went through turned out to have a huge impact on my personal development. What I […]

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choose to be happy

Choose to be happy

“Life sucks at times”. Do you know that feeling? Nothing evolves the way you intend to and what you want most of all is lie in bed with a warm duvet over your head. I have had some periods of severe depression in my life. Those were the times I didn’t even thought, “Life sucks”. […]

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intention of the day

Intention of the day

In another article I wrote about the ways I choose an intention of the day and the categories they fall into. In this article I’ll share more about the why and the how. Following the advice of a dear friend A couple of years ago I had never heard of setting an intention before you […]

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