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Pictures for an article

What part do you want to show? Good pictures make the content of a story clear at a glance. Or can explain what is more difficult to express in words. Using your own pictures is practical for two reasons: 1. You have no problems concerning the copyright of somebody else, because the copyright belongs to […]

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schuine horizon

Images for your blog

A well-chosen picture explains the content of your blog post at once. A photograph can show something that otherwise would need a lot of words in a single image. Sometimes a photo needs to be cropped to get the focus on the desired part. I will show you what rules there are when you crop […]

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Hipstamatic and Abstract Art: a Perfect Couple

Two loves combined, photography and abstract art A couple of years ago I discovered the app Hipstamatic for my smartphone. It was love at first sight. I even have to admit I wanted the iPhone4 at some point to have bigger photo dimensions. My Canon camera is my companion on some occasions, but my phone […]

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example of a double exposure

Hipstamatic and the joy of coincidence

My camera is a Canon Mark II, which is a pretty expensive, full-frame camera. The pictures I can make with it are perfect, most of the time. And if they are not, I can make them perfect, because I shoot in RAW. Example of lightleak But perfection sometimes gets boring. Which is the reason musicians […]

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looking down

Point of view

A point of view. A standpoint. An outlook. All expressions you can use in either literally sense or as a matter of speech. Here I mean of course your standpoint with a camera at hand. Keeping your head up Let’s suppose you are in a glass elevator and you can’t move your head up or […]

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