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make today count

Inspiration 009

You can make more money, you can add resources to what you have, but you never get back time. Make your hours well spent. My intention each day is to make it a good one. I hope you are in the circumstances that you can do that too.

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be great

Inspiration 008

Do you know this feeling: “Behhh, I don’t feel like doing that”. At times I am so disheartened I don’t even want to take the first step.  Of course I know very well that the only way to achieve something is by taking action. So then I look at this quote – “You don’t have […]

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dreaming is a form of planning

Inspiration 007

Sometimes I hear parents say to their child: “Stop daydreaming!” As if that is a bad thing. Sure, dreams never come true unless you take action, but every big plan starts with a dream. So my hearty wish for you is: Dream on!

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do not wait

Inspiration 006

Procrastination is tempting, don’t you think? Whenever I am afraid to do something like calling an unknown person or starting a design job, all of a sudden there are a bunch of more important tasks to do like cleaning out my desk or tidying the bedroom. I read this quote: “Don’t wait. The time will […]

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Inspiration 005

Creativity has several facets. Usually we think of artists when we hear the word creativity, but everyone can be creative. I love this quote by Maya Angelou and I want to add that not only do you have more creativity when you use more, but also when you share more. When one person has a […]

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it is never too late

Inspiration 004

Don’t ever think it’s too late to be happy or that it is too late to change yourself. Life is a continuous proces and a very enjoyable one There has been a time I fell into the trap of thinking everything was too late. It didn’t make me happy. Developing myself and taking my life […]

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