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muay thai professional fight

A Muay Thai fight from a newbie’s point of view

Together with my son I have a joint venture, Muay Thai Pro. Our objective is to create a Spanish community of Muay Thai lovers and practitioners, because my son practices this sport and he lives in Spain. Until now my part was to deliver the marketing-ideas and the technique of website, Facebook page and YouTube-channel. […]

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bon dieu

Review: Bon Dieu Movie

Almost two hours of pure fun Filming a good comedy is one of the hardest jobs there are. Movies that in my opinion belong to that category are for instance the English movie Bridget Jones Diary, the American movie The Birdcage or the French film Les Aventures de Rabbi Jacob. And I can add one […]

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One Red Paperclip

A tale of optimism and possibilities If you seek inspiration, read “One Red Paperclip”. This is such a great story! Kyle MacDonald made 14 barters in 2005/2006. He started with a red paperclip and ended owning a real house. His writing style is witty. The book is full of funny self-reflection. What I like most […]

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Review: The Storyteller – Jodi Picoult

Moral dilemmas during war and afterwards My Mum is born in 1920, my Dad in 1922. They were 20 and 18 when the war started over here in Holland. They met after the war and got married in 1947. I often asked how it had been for them during the war, but neither of them […]

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nine success steps stedman graham

The nine Success-steps of Stedman Graham

You can make it happen Everybody learns in a different way. Some need a teacher in front of them who tells them the important things. Some need to see the desired goal in images. Some learn from books. Others by participating in exercises of all kinds. I like all methods, but like learning from books […]

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kinky boots

Review: Kinky boots – the movie

Entertainment and Marketing Combined Years ago a friend tried to teach me how to walk on high heels. It involved all kind of movements with my hips and my buttocks and it was so utterly totally not me that I soon gave up. Ever since I admire women walking on high heels in a natural […]

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