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Summer Feeling in Antwerp, Belgium

Three hot spots the tourist guides will not mention I live in the Netherlands, only 5 miles from the Belgium border. But crossing the border really means crossing a frontier, despite that small distance. As soon as you are in the neighborhood of the border you can see that the street is different (ask any […]

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yellow tulips

Showing the overseas family around

Over 45 years ago my cousin from Australia visited us for the Easter Holidays. Since I was second best in English in our family and my father had to work, I was her designated tour guide. Being 14 at the time and living in Holland, there were a couple of things I really wanted to […]

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Coming home from my travels to Breda, the Netherlands

My parents loved to travel. When I was 3 years old they left my baby brother at one grandmothers’ and me and my older sister at the other grandmothers’ house and drove to the south of France for a couple of weeks. I remember vividly how I just couldn’t stop crying when they returned. So […]

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sculpture in insel hombroich

A hidden gem near the Dutch border: Insel Hombroich

My favorite place in Germany for a one day visit Despite the industrialization of the area my favorite place to go is the Ruhr-region in Germany. In particular Insel Hombroich. To be there is incredible. It is a swamp on an island (Insel is German for island) that in the old times had no other […]

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white bike plan hoge veluwe

A visit to National Park de Hoge Veluwe

There are still Provo’s in the Netherlands My husband and I could finally take a day off (we have the worst bosses ever – we are both solo-entrepreneurs) and decided we wanted to have a combination of culture, nature, exercise and fun. Preferably all in one place. We could have gone to Insel Hombroich just […]

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