Cats make me sneeze

I love cats, but I can’t have them

Cat001This is about as much cat as I can handle. It’s a ceramic one I bought for myself when it was finally clear that I am highly allergic to cat hair.

As a kid I used to visit a cat owner, who was like a second mother to me. Visiting her was great, because at home I had to split the grown up’s attention with my sister and brother, but at her home I was the only child.
Every night when I slept over, I thought I had a ball of wool in my chest. That was a terrible feeling. I was so short of breath that I sometimes thought I was going to choke.
I guess nobody had heard about a cat allergy back then, certainly not me as an 8 year old.

Nowadays it depends on my condition if I can or cannot be around cats. If I have a cold, then I better not visit friends with a cat, but in the summer I am usually good.

Pets don’t do well with us – they jump ship

frightened mouse
That is one frightened mouse in this picture!

By the time I had my own place to live in, I was fully aware of my allergy. So no hairy cats or dogs, but what about other pets?
Canaries seemed great – the grandfathers, hubbies’ and mine, had canaries – and they can sing so beautiful!
Alas, every bird flew away as soon as they managed to get out of their cage.

black catA fish then. We bought a nice orange goldfish. And found it next to the bowl one day when we got home.

Which made me come to the conclusion that not only I am allergic for animals, but they are allergic for me too.
The only animals we have now in our immediate vicinity are the cats of the neighbors and the mice under the garden deck.

My second mother with her black cat Mokkie

A cat has 40 million hairs:
5 million on the back,
10 million on the belly
and 25 million on your couch.
– Midas Dekkers

If I didn’t have this allergy I would have a cat

hipstamatic of catSorry dog owners, but I hate dogs! Cats have so much more character. I like it that they are perky and pedantic. And – this must have a reason – they always come to me in a room full of people. “Ohwww, don’t come near, guys and girls, I can’t have you around. Haaaaa-tchie.”

If I could have a cat, she wouldn’t get canned food to make sure her teeth would stay healthy. She would have a great Cat Tree. Mind you that one had to be well designed, not just your ordinary Tree of course. 🙂
She was allowed to play with my wool, whenever I am knitting. And of course, she would have the best kitten bed and transport basket.

Oh well, keep on dreaming, I am telling myself.
Instead I make pictures of cats, that’s what I love to do too.


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