Choose to be happy

“Life sucks at times”.

Do you know that feeling? Nothing evolves the way you intend to and what you want most of all is lie in bed with a warm duvet over your head. I have had some periods of severe depression in my life. Those were the times I didn’t even thought, “Life sucks”. I didn’t think at all anymore. Just felt miserable.

Recognizing the signs

choose to be happyI know the signs very well by now, so I won’t let it come this far anymore. Although I learned that a depression has its advantages – it’s a time to rest and to build up strength for the path back up the hill – it is better for me to act way before I end up on the bottom of that dark hole.


Whenever people said to me “Being happy is a choice”, I used to get mad. I thought they were very pushy and blaming the wrong person. Because if they were right, it meant that I was to blame for my own unhappiness. Grrr, I hated that. I know now that I hated that because I couldn’t see a way to accomplish happiness. Merely telling someone, that it’s a choice to be happy and not explaining anything, doesn’t help that person at all.

Taking control yourself

Happiness is living on purposeIn the past year I attended several seminars on personal development where I have learned a method to be happy. That doesn’t happen from one minute to the next, I worked very hard and still do, and I know I will have some setbacks occasionally. I choose to be happy:

  • For the bigger part I follow the guidelines in the “20 Tips to Improve your Life“. (If you haven’t claimed your free copy yet, you can do so over here).
  • I read a lot of books. For instance The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change by Stephen Covey or one of the free eBooks of Will Edwards.
  • I use my husband, my son and my friends as soundboards for my thoughts and contemplations.
  • And I write a lot, either in a journal or on-line.

What is your tactic to purposefully be happy? Write it in the comment-box below so we can all benefit from it.

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