What not to do when you want to lose weight

My mother was dieting all her life. She also had about 20 to 30 pounds of overweight her whole life. The conclusion might be, that dieting does not help.
But what can I say, she just loved chocolate. And was easily persuaded to do something else than what she had planned for.

Quotes151Stick to your goal

When I was young I weighed 50 kg. With my height of 1.72 m that hardly was sufficient and I often had black spots before my eyes when I stood up from a squatting or sitting position.
After my pregnancy that changed dramatically. I was happy I had gained 20 to 25 kg and that I didn’t lose it after giving birth to my son.

Another hormone change, the menopause, again brought change. Suddenly I saw pictures of myself with a bloated head, confronting me with the visibility of gaining too much weight. When I finally had the nerve to stand on the scale, it showed an unwanted 85.

Doing the same as my mother?

Following the example of my mother, I got into dieting. And forgot dieting when I came close to the targeted 75 kg. And got into dieting. And so forth.
This has a name, I’ve discovered. The yo-yo effect.
Six months ago, I thought I could do better. No more rigorous diets, no more quick fixes, but nice and easy cutting back on sweets and alcohol and doing more exercises. And stop combining carbohydrates with fats.

Oh, what’s the big deal, just this once

goal weightI lost one kilo per month and was very proud of myself. I did not feel hungry. Occassionally I ate cake with my coffee or bought a bottle of wine. Steadily I went towards my goal of 75 kg. I was almost there…
And then came my birthday!

Not everyone wanted the delicious pie, so I ate all of that myself. The wine I had bought for the visitors was not finished at the end of the day. I got a couple of bottles of wine as a present. So instead of sinning just one day, I sinned a whole week.
And since the scale kept on showing 75 the first week after my birthday, I had the illusion that it did not matter.

Why does one pound of sweets or alcohol ads three pounds to your body?

Of course it matters. In fact a lot, because it is all mindset. If I have the idea that it does not matter, I get sloppy. And “suddenly” I gain 3 kg. Ruining a quarter’s work in just one month.

Back to the setting of a goal

Back to basics. I do not beat myself up, like I used to do. And pick up my goal of 75 kg and the proven methods of recent times.
Mindset is everything and I know I can do it.

Do you diet? Do you have any tips for me?

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