Graded activity to be able to walk again

graded activityI am injured. Again. It’s possible that I should slow down and ‘act my age’, but I don’t want to. Which might be the main reason why I am injured again.
Last weekend I have attended a marvelous business seminar. It was one of those seminars that involve a lot of music to energize you, giving the attendees the chance to dance before sitting on a chair and listen. And during one of those dances I twisted my knee.

Exercising every day

My first thought was to skip my daily exercise. That wouldn’t be smart.
So what I did was getting back to the schedule I got from my physiotherapist a couple of years ago.
It’s called a graded activity schedule.
(Disclaimer: if you are hurting too much or for a long period, go to a doctor. Don’t rely on this schedule and my remarks).

schedule graded exercise

Basic training for a week

You need a stopwatch.
Practice your favorite sport. This could be hiking, biking, nordic walking, swimming, anything you can do either at an easy pace or very intense.
For a week during the basic training you clock the time you can exercise pain free. Make a note on a piece of paper (or download the pdf).

Building your strenght in the next five weeks

your healthWhen you have practiced for 7 days, calculate the average of them (x).
Put 80% of that average time (y) on the paper at the start of the second week.
At the end of the next 5 weeks you put (z). Z is 2.5 times Y. Every crossing of the line YZ indicates the time you have to practice on that day. Don’t do more.

If it gets painful than go back to the basic training to collect new data of pain free exercising and start over. If you’re doing well after the 5 weeks you can either extend the line or you can try how much further you can go without pain and see if you are satisfied with that level of exercise.

No estimated time

Reizen algemeenIt doesn’t matter whether the 5 and 10 on the example are minutes or seconds. Or whether it’s not 5 and 10, but 15 and 30. It’s important to exercise and to do that the right way. Better to walk really, really slow without hobbling, than overdoing it and grow another injury because you compensate your movements in the wrong way.

Keep your fingers crossed together with me that my injury will be over soon!

What do you do when you have twisted a limb?

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