The best tip from my father

How to clean greasy hands?

cleaning greasy handsMy father taught me a lot of things to do myself in the house. I can do tiling, carpentry, welding, a little bit of electricity and a lot of other things.

He was marvelous when teaching me this. He did it once to show me and then let me do it myself while giving instructions.

He died more then 10 years ago, but I still miss him. Especially when something in the house is broken I have to think of him.

Dirty hands and coffee

Our coffee drinking in the breaks while we were busying ourselves in the house had a reason. It was not only to relax for a while, but it made sure we had coffee grounds.

coffee and detergentOnce we were finished we headed for the kitchen and grabbed some used coffee grounds together with detergent. Before putting any water with it we would rub our hands thoroughly. And then rinse with hot water.

Most of the times it would be enough to do that once.

It’s a real good method and very environmental friendly, as you can imagine.

A short list

  1. Used coffee grounds
  2. Dish detergent or liquid soap
  3. A bit of (1) and (2) on your hands and thouroughly rub it
  4. Hot water to rinse it off

Peculiar fact

My dad taught me a lot.
But for some reason he thought that mending a flat tire was not for me.

I never learned to fix a flat tire. It is about time, don’t you think?

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