Making money on your holidays

Writing for the internet while traveling

making money on the laptopSince 2008 I am a blogger but I never thought of making money from blogging or writing. That changed when I was looking for ways to earn an additional income.
Last year I heard the term ‘passive income’ for the first time.

Those two things – additional money and passive income – put me on a search for the possibilities. Was I able to rent out space or a skill? Could I have a membership website? Or could I monetize my writing?

I decided to try the latter first and found several writing platforms on the Internet. I started on InfoBarrel, then Squidoo and Zujava and pretty soon skipped that in favor of Bubblews.
And then came another pressing question: should I continue writing for the internet during my holidays?

These were the books I was looking at

Our travels until 2012 – Culture and nature

The most beautiful experience during our trip to Australia: seeing the sun rise at Uluru

Our holidays used to be expensive. We don’t like organized trips and I never realized that making all the arrangements on your own is costing a lot of extra money, even if you camp. It doesn’t matter; we had a lot of fun.
We stayed at one place for two or three days in a row, explored the surroundings, hiked a lot and visited museums. After which we drove to the next place. And wrote in a travel log and on a blog, never with the intention to monetize that.

camping in freezing coldCamping in Freezing cold

Maybe you won’t believe me, but it’s true: the only time I camped in a tent that was stiff from frostbite was in Florida. We should have known of course, because…

The world is a book, those who do not travel read only one page.
–St. Augustine

A whole month in one place

That is something quite different

cabana in spain
The heat wave started right after we were back home. I can’t stand the heat, so we were lucky as you can see by looking at the clouds

In June 2013 we were going to be grandparents. My son lives in Spain, so we decided to have a holiday in their neighborhood. A baby makes his own decision for the time of birth, but we hoped that being there for a whole month would cover that date.

We rented a cabin on a hill slope just outside a small village. The plan was that my husband would work on his doctoral degree – planned to be finished at the end of 2014 – and I would write on my book about graphic design and make articles for the several revenue sharing platforms.

Travelling by car means plenty of space

What I brought with me

At times we sleep in the car during a trip, making me cautious not to take too much with me. But travelling by car means I can bring more stuff than going by plane. I won’t bore you with travel stuff like clothes and backpacks and hiking shoes and poles. And presents for the baby.
What did I bring in order to be able to write my articles?

  1. Laptop
  2. External hard disk
  3. Camera
  4. Several reference books
  5. Pen, pencil and paper

Occasionally a laptop

Pen and paper suffice as well

We had one laptop for the two of us, so at times one had to write the old-fashioned way using pen and paper.
I discovered that writing with pen and paper suited me better than writing directly on the computer. That was something I hadn’t thought of before! At home, I always wrote directly in a text editor.

I was really happy with the small hard disk I had. I take lots of photographs and I use a lot of pictures in my articles, so it was inevitable that I would need my archive. All my digital pictures fit on it. And I took for granted that I would miss an occasional analog picture.

Two things I missed

Internet access and a printer

A little restaurant with free Wi-Fi was at the end of the hill road. Here I could check my e-mail and upload articles. Internet access wasn’t always functioning. And at times I was fed up with the blaring television and the cigarette smoke.
So I really missed an Internet connection of my own.

And what I definitely will buy before my next trip is a little printer. Amazing how different it is to proofread from screen or from paper. I see more mistakes when the text is printed.

How would it be during trips?

Working anywhere, anyplace

antilope canyon
The highlight of the trip to the States: Antilope Canyon

I have a dream. As soon as hubby’s PhD is in the pocket I want to travel more extensively and for longer periods. And I want to earn money writing online then. So during my month in Spain I have tried to imagine similar situations in different countries.

Seven years ago we were in Australia with just a little bit of luggage obviously because we flew there. But Internet access was never a problem. Internet Cafes were easy to find. Even in the middle of the desert, 100 miles from Alice Springs, there was a computer console with a coin slot!

Four years ago in the States it was hard discovering an Internet Cafe, but most hotels had free Wi-Fi.

Over here in Holland a lot of Internet Cafes have vanished due to all the smart phones with their own access and a dense network of home computers. I guess this development will be the same in other countries.

Do you have Internet access when you travel?

I will have to study on dongles and other ways of mobile access by the time we will travel. Do you have a solution at hand?

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