Morris Minor Bristol, such a cutie

A car with high cuddliness

holiday memoryMy father was very proud to be one of the first car owners of the block. Probably that is the reason I could find pictures with this car on it. Because I have no pictures of later cars he owned.

I was 4 when my parents bought this cute Morris Minor. Number plates are issued chronologically in the Netherlands, so I could look up the age of the car. Oh, wonderful Internet. And guess what, the car has the same age as me.
That was a nice discovery.

And this way I could also reconstruct that the car was a secondhand one. That was new to me until now.

One picture says more than a thousand words

A drawing has the same effect

morris minor

I couldn’t find a picture with the whole car on it. And since I can’t reconstruct it – my guess is the car doesn’t live anymore – I drew one. Such great curves and lines this car has!

The Swiss connection – A family tale

memories of my youth

We always went to Italy for the holidays. There were no highways, so we had to find our way through the valleys and over the passes of the Swiss mountains.

And one memorable day the car stopped halfway up the slope. There was not a lot of traffic, but on such a small two lane road we stopped the other cars anyway. So it was not long before a fat motorcycle cop came up. He heard the problem, walked around the car and turned the gas cap loose. He blew and blew into the tank, went bright red until we were afraid that he would hurt himself and finally said to my father “Start the car please”.
The engine hit it instantly.

But my mother refused to get back into the car. She took us three kids by the hand and walked all the way to the top. And only then would she allow us to get back in.

Pretty as a picture – Miss Swimming suit on the Hood

model on the hood

Member of the European Parliament Kartika Liotard wants to ban the ads with the half naked woman on the hood. I couldn’t agree more with her. I hate this kind of advertisement.

And then I run into this picture of myself! Oops.
I have no idea whether I had seen ads with a lady draped over the hood, but I sure am doing my best to impersonate one, don’t you think?

My brother and sister were car sick all the time

I was the lucky one, I hardly ever was sick. My remedy was to eat a lot of dry cookies during the trip, either biscuits or Maria cookies.

And it goes without saying that there were no DVD movies for us in those days. My mother did a fine job in keeping us occupied during the long drives.

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