The nine Success-steps of Stedman Graham

You can make it happen

nine success steps stedman grahamEverybody learns in a different way. Some need a teacher in front of them who tells them the important things. Some need to see the desired goal in images. Some learn from books. Others by participating in exercises of all kinds.

I like all methods, but like learning from books the most, because then I can read at my own pace and I can repeat some pages that I think are important. One of the best books I read recently is “You can make it happen. A nine-step plan for success” by Stedman Graham.

I read about this book in another self-help book. You know how it is. At the end of books they often have a list of recommended titles. And any title with ‘success’ in it intrigues me. I didn’t know anything about the writer. I had never heard of him before, so I was surprised to discover that he is the partner of Oprah Winfrey.
I am glad I didn’t know because I am sure it would have influenced my opinion on forehand. It’s not good, I know, but sometimes I think that partners of famous people use that simple fact to get what they want instead of getting somewhere on their own.

Step by step

bookcoverWhat I love about the book is the combination of practical steps and personal stories as examples to clarify what is said. It reads like a novel. There are a lot of exercises in the book. Questionnaires you can fill in. If you make them all, you have a personal guideline once the book is finished.
And if I may add a personal advice: use a beautiful notebook to give it an extra special touch. (I turned my diary-cover into a collage of blotting paper and luster yarn as you can see on the photo).

I am not really sure why it’s called Nine-steps. In my opinion there are more steps to distill from the content. Or less, when you look at Graham’s overall vision of three circles of interest:
Relations – Career – Community.
Those circles appealed to a deeper level within me, because I had never looked at it this way.


Stedman Graham is very honest about the problems he has had, being the partner of someone more famous than he is. I appreciate his honesty about it, but even more the way he dealt with it at some point. It takes a great mind to be able to overcome his feelings the way he did.

What do you regard as most important step in your personal development?

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