Hannie MommersWhenever your moment of need makes you step up in your personal growth, it becomes a Magical Moment of Need.
We all need these moments. We all have them. Learn to recognize and value them.

This website is about my development as a person and as a business woman. Growing is a continuous process and by sharing my thoughts I want to make a positive contribution to the lives of others.
I hope my stories inspire you and motivate you.
A great way to work on personal growth is being creative. So I have also added several DIY articles and blogposts about art.

It’s never too late to be happy and we are never too old to learn.


Interview with Hannie Mommers

This interview was held when I became a “Giant Squid” on Squidoo (a former platform for revenue sharing articles). I am proud of it, making it a good reason to share: What is the single best piece of advice you’d give to everyone? Find your passion and go for it. Try to make a living […]

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mudflat hiking

Wadden Sea, the northern part of Holland

It’s my birthday next month and every time on that day I have to think of the memorable trip to the Wadden Sea we made in 1996. An unexpected adventure My 43rd birthday was nearly my last one. As I slowly sank into the Wadden Sea I saw in my mind a tombstone with twice […]

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Stop, Look, Go

A very inspiring video of David Steindl-Rast – Want to be happy? Be grateful. What I consider the most important remarks in the video: It’s not happiness that makes you grateful, it’s gratefulness that makes you happy Our advice to children when crossing the street is stop-look-go. That should be our own attitude as well: […]

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25 tips for your spare time

Lately I had been working so hard that I totally forgot what to do when I had time off. So these tips are a reminder of all the great things to do to relax. Once I started the list (the plan was to make a list of 10 tips) it was pretty easy to come […]

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make today count

Inspiration 009

You can make more money, you can add resources to what you have, but you never get back time. Make your hours well spent. My intention each day is to make it a good one. I hope you are in the circumstances that you can do that too.

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everything is a present

Gracious grateful

Last year I saw the interview of Tony Robbins with Alice Herz-Sommer. She was 108 years at the time and still practicing her piano three hours a day. A holocaust survivor, who says the main reason for being able to survive was seeing the beauty in everything. What an amazing woman, what an inspiring story. […]

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