Hannie MommersWhenever your moment of need makes you step up in your personal growth, it becomes a Magical Moment of Need.
We all need these moments. We all have them. Learn to recognize and value them.

This website is about my development as a person and as a business woman. Growing is a continuous process and by sharing my thoughts I want to make a positive contribution to the lives of others.
I hope my stories inspire you and motivate you.
A great way to work on personal growth is being creative. So I have also added several DIY articles and blogposts about art.

It’s never too late to be happy and we are never too old to learn.

skil to do

Programming for success

Do you sometimes feel like you’re in quicksand and not getting anywhere? I know I do and so does my son. Last year we decided to follow a six-week program for personal development together. This program is described in a book we both have, “Elements of Success” by Nisandeh Neta (unfortunately it’s not available at […]

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be great

Inspiration 008

Do you know this feeling: “Behhh, I don’t feel like doing that”. At times I am so disheartened I don’t even want to take the first step.  Of course I know very well that the only way to achieve something is by taking action. So then I look at this quote – “You don’t have […]

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on your way

Intentionally happy

Every morning I set an intention and I make a small list of goals. I started doing this some while ago. Never did it before, but I should have, because it’s a very powerful tool. There are several websites I visit in turn. Intention of the Day and Daily Positive Quotes are my favorites. I […]

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dreaming is a form of planning

Inspiration 007

Sometimes I hear parents say to their child: “Stop daydreaming!” As if that is a bad thing. Sure, dreams never come true unless you take action, but every big plan starts with a dream. So my hearty wish for you is: Dream on!

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Write your own book

In 2013 I spent a lot of time on my book. With the main focus on design I wrote a book about business cards. The subject of the book is the field of my profession, but the whole process I went through turned out to have a huge impact on my personal development. What I […]

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do not wait

Inspiration 006

Procrastination is tempting, don’t you think? Whenever I am afraid to do something like calling an unknown person or starting a design job, all of a sudden there are a bunch of more important tasks to do like cleaning out my desk or tidying the bedroom. I read this quote: “Don’t wait. The time will […]

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