Review: Bon Dieu Movie

Almost two hours of pure fun

Filming a good comedy is one of the hardest jobs there are. Movies that in my opinion belong to that category are for instance the English movie Bridget Jones Diary, the American movie The Birdcage or the French film Les Aventures de Rabbi Jacob. And I can add one more to my list: Bon Dieu.

I wonder if I ever saw a movie with that much prejudice in it as Bon Dieu or as the full title is: Qu’est-ce qu’on a fait au Bon Dieu? and what a delight it is! All the preconceptions are exaggerated in a very clever way. You can see it coming from miles ahead, but it will not stop you from laughing.

Bon Dieu the story

bon dieu movieClaude and Marie Verneuil are conservative Catholics who consider themselves broadminded. Nevertheless it’s a shock to them when the first of their four daughters marries a Muslim. A year later the second one marries a Jew and to top things off the third one weds a Chinese.
Family visits are awkward not only because of the tensed remarks of the father, but also of the animosity between the three sons-in-law.

Watch out what you wish for, it might be granted

The parents set all their hopes on the last daughter and they’re overfilled with joy when she anounces her engagement to a true Catholic boy.
When he turns out to be a black boy from Africa even the sons-in-law partner up to try to prevent the wedding.

What follows is a hilarious set of events, including racist behavior of both fathers and a nervous breakdown of the mother. If I write this down it doesn’t sound hilarious, but trust me, you’ll have tears in your eyes from laughing as the movie nears its all’s well that ends well ending.

Where can I see it?

The film is in the Dutch theaters at the moment and if you speak French it’s also available as a DVD.
You can watch the trailer as a foretaste.

Highly recommendable. I loved this film just as much as I loved Kinky Boots, of which I wrote a review here.

If you saw this movie as well, tell me what you think of it!

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