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Reactions of others can lead to a change of direction

dixie chicksI had never heard of the Dixie Chicks before when I went to the cinema to see Shut up and sing. The title intrigued me, because of the advice in it one could never comply to.
When I had seen the movie I immediately bought the DVD of Shut up and sing and their Taking the long way album. The music is labeled as country music, which I hate. Go figure how much I liked what I saw and heard.

The reason I liked the movie this much was because of the character the Dixie Chicks showed and their unwillingness to let themselves be pushed to something they didn’t want to and didn’t ask for.

DVD Shut up and sing

The Dixie Chicks – a Country group of three very talented women, Nathalie Maines, Emily Robinson and Martie Maguire – were going to have a European tour and wanted to have that tour recorded. Filming on stage and off stage. It’s a coincidence the film turned out as it did, because originally it was just going to be a documentary of the Top of the World tour.

George W. Bush was the president of the United States at that time and had authorized the war in Iraq. Nathalie Maines said in the heat of the moment during their concert in London, that she was ashamed to be of Texas, like Bush. What followed was a smear campaign against her by a part of the American population.

I watch this movie at least once a year. It encourages me immensely that there are brave women who carry on no matter what. It’s my belief that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, so I don’t mind people being against the Dixie Chicks after that incident. I do mind the death threats and swearing they received. Why is that necessary?

A change of direction leads to new roads

For a musician, or a music lover like me, there is more to watch in the movie that is great. For instance the frenzy and the thrill of the moment their next tour had on the ticket sales. Especially with the animosity there was against the Dixie Chicks at that time. It is unbelievable to experience what a stressed situation that was.

A second thing that was amazing to see is the development of the three women as composers and text writers.


If you live in Europe or Asia you can’t just order an American DVD without looking at the region code. Not all DVD’s can be played at your own DVD-player.
Don’t despair if you already ordered a DVD with the wrong code. Odds are you can watch it on your computer, so not all is lost.

CD Taking the long way

A very coherent, strong album

The lyrics are great, the music goes with them perfectly. At some point in the movie Emily Robinson, a fantastic violin player, says she doesn’t want violin in a song, just because she happens to be a violinist, but only if the song needs violin music. Music before ego. I like that.

It may be clear I am enthusiastic for various reasons. If you are not sure whether you want to buy the movie, you can watch it on Vimeo.

But buy the music if you like it, although there must be numerous possibilities to get that for free as well. I strongly believe in supporting musicians and artists. They have to pay for the bread at the bakery just like us.


Artists have to eat as well

Once I saw a guy in a documentary justifying illegal copying of music. His argument: “An iPod has 40 Gb of space. If I have to buy every bit of music to fill that space I would be broke.”
If everybody shared his opinion, the 40 Gb would for ever remain empty because when nobody can earn a living making music nobody would make music anymore.

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