A Sweet Baby Boy in the Family

Being a first time grandmother

sweet baby boyI am not thunderstruck, as some of my friends have described, holding their grandchild for the first time. But I did go from fairly indifferent before my grandson was born to totally loving this sweet little bundle of life.

Partly this indifference was self-protection since my son is living 1,200 miles away. Around the time the baby was due, we rented a cabin in his neighborhood for a whole month. Being around was fabulous, as you can imagine. During this time we could enjoy the baby and help out the parents a little bit.

Back home I have to do with the pictures and Internet contact.

(Pictures are made by me and my son – used with his permission © Hannie Mommers)

One week old – the present generation

first time grandmother

This sling is brilliant. I was so thrilled to carry my grandson around, it made me feel really proud. And obviously my grandson liked it too. Look at him, sound asleep.
I bought the sling in January, winter season. But just in time I remembered that June in Spain is hot, so I chose a cotton one.

I should have had one of those when I was young. Times they are a ‘changing and some things for the better. As you can see on the old picture we did have a backpack when my son was older.

Seven months old – different generation

baby boy in backpack
Our little family having a holiday in Austria

Never seeing each other again

I have to think a lot about my uncle who emigrated to Australia in the beginning of the fifties. Letters were on their way for months. The trip back home was too expensive and too time-consuming. He never saw his parents again.

It puts things in perspective for me. Of course I don’t like it that my son emigrated to Spain, but I can be there in a day. Both my son and my daughter-in-law have a Smartphone and send pictures all the time, keeping us updated on how things are going.

Imagine these were still the early fifties. I would have a much tougher time then, don’t you think?

Power pose avant la lettre

grandson in his crib

The other day I got a photo on whatsApp of my grandson posing as Rocky. He has done this from the beginning, even as a 2-hour old one, either stretching his arms and legs all the way or laying like this in his sleep. It’s so cute!
And it was extraordinary that accidently I bumped into this TED-video about power poses. YEAH, little baby boy, you rock! 🙂

Maternity care abroad
Different country, different culture

babyboy in diapers

Being in the neighborhood in the last two weeks of my daughter-in-law’s pregnancy and the first two weeks of my grandson made me very aware of the differences in maternity care between Spain and the Netherlands.
Over here the maternity care is really great, even way better than in ‘my time’. (I know that out of first hand because of my friend Klaartje of course).
In Spain it’s not so well organized. There is maternity care, but to me it seemed very random. Basically my son and daughter-in-law were in the hospital for two days, were taught how to put on a diaper and then sent home. As we would call it: they were thrown into the deep.
That is one of the reasons Klaartje and I are building this online community on Parenting from Day 1. I love our project.

How is maternity care where you live?
Tell us about it in the commentbox below, we’re anxious to know.

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