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One Red Paperclip

A tale of optimism and possibilities If you seek inspiration, read “One Red Paperclip”. This is such a great story! Kyle MacDonald made 14 barters in 2005/2006. He started with a red paperclip and ended owning a real house. His writing style is witty. The book is full of funny self-reflection. What I like most […]

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Write your own book

In 2013 I spent a lot of time on my book. With the main focus on design I wrote a book about business cards. The subject of the book is the field of my profession, but the whole process I went through turned out to have a huge impact on my personal development. What I […]

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do not wait

Inspiration 006

Procrastination is tempting, don’t you think? Whenever I am afraid to do something like calling an unknown person or starting a design job, all of a sudden there are a bunch of more important tasks to do like cleaning out my desk or tidying the bedroom. I read this quote: “Don’t wait. The time will […]

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it is never too late

Inspiration 004

Don’t ever think it’s too late to be happy or that it is too late to change yourself. Life is a continuous proces and a very enjoyable one There has been a time I fell into the trap of thinking everything was too late. It didn’t make me happy. Developing myself and taking my life […]

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nothing is impossible

Inspiration 003

At times it’s hard to see all the possibilities. But they are there, believe me. This quote is great for times like that. Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE. 🙂

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be strong quote

Inspiration 002

To inspire someone Fifteen years after meeting her for the first time, she told me what an inspiration I had been back then. She looked up to me and took me, a female entrepreneur, as her example. I never knew that I inspired a fellow graphic designer this way. I was touched and grateful to […]

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