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bon dieu

Review: Bon Dieu Movie

Almost two hours of pure fun Filming a good comedy is one of the hardest jobs there are. Movies that in my opinion belong to that category are for instance the English movie Bridget Jones Diary, the American movie The Birdcage or the French film Les Aventures de Rabbi Jacob. And I can add one […]

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kinky boots

Review: Kinky boots – the movie

Entertainment and Marketing Combined Years ago a friend tried to teach me how to walk on high heels. It involved all kind of movements with my hips and my buttocks and it was so utterly totally not me that I soon gave up. Ever since I admire women walking on high heels in a natural […]

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dixie chicks

Reviews: the Dixie Chicks

Reactions of others can lead to a change of direction I had never heard of the Dixie Chicks before when I went to the cinema to see Shut up and sing. The title intrigued me, because of the advice in it one could never comply to. When I had seen the movie I immediately bought […]

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