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muay thai professional fight

A Muay Thai fight from a newbie’s point of view

Together with my son I have a joint venture, Muay Thai Pro. Our objective is to create a Spanish community of Muay Thai lovers and practitioners, because my son practices this sport and he lives in Spain. Until now my part was to deliver the marketing-ideas and the technique of website, Facebook page and YouTube-channel. […]

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first time grandmother

A Sweet Baby Boy in the Family

Being a first time grandmother I am not thunderstruck, as some of my friends have described, holding their grandchild for the first time. But I did go from fairly indifferent before my grandson was born to totally loving this sweet little bundle of life. Partly this indifference was self-protection since my son is living 1,200 […]

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yellow tulips

Showing the overseas family around

Over 45 years ago my cousin from Australia visited us for the Easter Holidays. Since I was second best in English in our family and my father had to work, I was her designated tour guide. Being 14 at the time and living in Holland, there were a couple of things I really wanted to […]

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