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Stop, Look, Go

A very inspiring video of David Steindl-Rast – Want to be happy? Be grateful. What I consider the most important remarks in the video: It’s not happiness that makes you grateful, it’s gratefulness that makes you happy Our advice to children when crossing the street is stop-look-go. That should be our own attitude as well: […]

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everything is a present

Gracious grateful

Last year I saw the interview of Tony Robbins with Alice Herz-Sommer. She was 108 years at the time and still practicing her piano three hours a day. A holocaust survivor, who says the main reason for being able to survive was seeing the beauty in everything. What an amazing woman, what an inspiring story. […]

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better to think of solutions

It is never too late to be happy

Moments of Need A couple of years ago I had a hard time. Being a caregiver for almost two decades took its toll. Because of this task and the state of the economy my company went down the drain. My body was giving me signs that I was aging. My son married in Spain, making […]

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first time grandmother

A Sweet Baby Boy in the Family

Being a first time grandmother I am not thunderstruck, as some of my friends have described, holding their grandchild for the first time. But I did go from fairly indifferent before my grandson was born to totally loving this sweet little bundle of life. Partly this indifference was self-protection since my son is living 1,200 […]

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intention of the day

Intention of the day

In another article I wrote about the ways I choose an intention of the day and the categories they fall into. In this article I’ll share more about the why and the how. Following the advice of a dear friend A couple of years ago I had never heard of setting an intention before you […]

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be happy

An American Business Bootcamp in Holland

Things can change, also for the good Some years are more difficult then others. 2011 was far from perfect for me, but opened an opportunity that I did not immediately recognize. My friend Klaartje tried to encourage me to go to a Business Bootcamp. I had heard about this event on Twitter and I didn’t […]

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