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better to think of solutions

It is never too late to be happy

Moments of Need A couple of years ago I had a hard time. Being a caregiver for almost two decades took its toll. Because of this task and the state of the economy my company went down the drain. My body was giving me signs that I was aging. My son married in Spain, making […]

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mill zaanse schans

Do you like the combination of Nature and Culture?

My husband and I live in the south of the Netherlands, so whenever we want to have a break, we can choose from three countries: Holland, Belgium and Germany. We both like to hike, we enjoy nature immensely, and we are also big fans of culture. If we draw a circle of a two-hour drive […]

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Coming home from my travels to Breda, the Netherlands

My parents loved to travel. When I was 3 years old they left my baby brother at one grandmothers’ and me and my older sister at the other grandmothers’ house and drove to the south of France for a couple of weeks. I remember vividly how I just couldn’t stop crying when they returned. So […]

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sculpture in insel hombroich

A hidden gem near the Dutch border: Insel Hombroich

My favorite place in Germany for a one day visit Despite the industrialization of the area my favorite place to go is the Ruhr-region in Germany. In particular Insel Hombroich. To be there is incredible. It is a swamp on an island (Insel is German for island) that in the old times had no other […]

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