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Write your own book

In 2013 I spent a lot of time on my book. With the main focus on design I wrote a book about business cards. The subject of the book is the field of my profession, but the whole process I went through turned out to have a huge impact on my personal development. What I […]

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Inspiration 005

Creativity has several facets. Usually we think of artists when we hear the word creativity, but everyone can be creative. I love this quote by Maya Angelou and I want to add that not only do you have more creativity when you use more, but also when you share more. When one person has a […]

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it is never too late

Inspiration 004

Don’t ever think it’s too late to be happy or that it is too late to change yourself. Life is a continuous proces and a very enjoyable one There has been a time I fell into the trap of thinking everything was too late. It didn’t make me happy. Developing myself and taking my life […]

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nine success steps stedman graham

The nine Success-steps of Stedman Graham

You can make it happen Everybody learns in a different way. Some need a teacher in front of them who tells them the important things. Some need to see the desired goal in images. Some learn from books. Others by participating in exercises of all kinds. I like all methods, but like learning from books […]

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better to think of solutions

It is never too late to be happy

Moments of Need A couple of years ago I had a hard time. Being a caregiver for almost two decades took its toll. Because of this task and the state of the economy my company went down the drain. My body was giving me signs that I was aging. My son married in Spain, making […]

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choose to be happy

Choose to be happy

“Life sucks at times”. Do you know that feeling? Nothing evolves the way you intend to and what you want most of all is lie in bed with a warm duvet over your head. I have had some periods of severe depression in my life. Those were the times I didn’t even thought, “Life sucks”. […]

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