A vegetarian lunch Hawaiian style


Today my husband had an appointment outdoors, so I had to make my own lunch. Yes, I know, I am terribly spoiled. But I have an excuse: he wants to eat nicely and I can’t cook, so the only solution is that he cooks. Right?

Another solution is of course that I learn to make simple, yet delicious things. Hubby taught me how to make this cheese sandwich, so I’ll show it to you.
It may appear as if I like taking pictures more than cooking, but I’ll take that for granted. 🙂

Collect the stuff from the refrigerator


  • slices of bread – I eat whole wheat, but white is fine too;
  • cheese – goat cheese or cow cheese;
  • tomato;
  • pineapple – fresh would be the best, but I only have canned pieces.

We try to buy as much groceries as possible at the organic shop.
Ever more so since my husband got gout attacks and started a very strict diet in 2010.
You can read more about that in my InfoBarrel article.

A sustainable way of shopping is buying in your neighborhood. But pineapple doesn’t grow in my country, so that is a bit of a dilemma for me.

Open the can and let the pineapple drain in a sieve, wash the tomato

This part I am good at! It’s not too difficult to open cans and hold some items under the tap.
After that, slice the pineapple and the tomato in smaller bits.



slice the pinapple and tomato

Allow the grill to preheat

While you’re slicing, one side of the slices of bread can roast just a little bit. The grill only heats from the top, so I am turning the slices after toasting.

preheating grill

Don’t let the cheese hang over the edges

After the first grilling, turn over the slices and layer them:

  1. cheese
  2. tomato and pineapple
  3. cheese

first layer is cheese

second layer is pineapple and tomato

third layer is again cheese

Back under the grill; watch it, it just needs a little bit of time

I can tell from experience that you shouldn’t walk away, unless of course you want black bread and the cheese vanished because of extensive melting.

toast hawai

Hmmm. Nice!
This turned out all right

For a savvy cook this means nothing, I know. But for me it means a lot when these sandwiches come out pretty good. I am proud of myself this time. 😀

hawaiian sandwich

Enjoy your meal!

Do you like cooking or making meals?

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